BEAUTYCOUNTER - Safer Skincare

As many of you know I have turned my life upside down seeking out a cleaner way of living. Nutrition was the first place I started because I knew what I was putting into my body was directly affecting how I feel. I was feeling really great about all of these changes when it occurred to me that I may not be doing enough. Was it enough to only focus on food? What about all of the chemicals in every other aspect of my life? These questions led me to investigate other aspects of my life that could be having negative effects on my health. I looked at my skincare, makeup, shampoo, sunscreen and even cleaning products. It is pretty discouraging to feel like you are living such a healthy life only to find there are SO many chemicals apart of all of your daily routines. 

I did a TON of research (especially for makeup) because so many cleaner products are known to not be as effective, which is why so many people are weary to switch. I came across Beautycounter in my research and decided it was time to slowly start testing the products and making the switch if I was happy with the results. The first product I ever bought from Beautycounter was the charcoal cleansing bar. I absolutely love a simple skin routine and this bar removes all of my makeup leaving my face squeaky clean. My success with the cleansing bar sparked my interest to try more products. I then got the nourishing night cream and fell in love. Now that I was convinced how great these products are I wanted to try out their make up for myself. I am pretty simple when it comes to make up, but I do want products that can transfer over from a normal day to a fancy event. Beautycounter gave me all of this and my makeup routine is now 5 minutes! HOLY COW! I love how fresh their makeup leaves my face looking (no one wants that caked on look) and I truly feel like their products have enabled me to enhance my natural look rather than transform my face. 

Below are some of my all time favorite products and the ones I have tested personally and HIGHLY recommend. If you just click on the image it will take to you to the website so you can browse and shop. If you have any questions or want any samples please please reach out! I want YOU to find the best fit for yourself and have products that make you feel so beautiful!