Vital Proteins Giveaway and Watermelon Mint Post Workout Drink!

Vital Proteins Giveaway and Watermelon Mint Post Workout Drink!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!


I am so excited because today I am partnering with one of my absolute FAVORITE brands, Vital Proteins. I was introduced to Vital Proteins 2 years ago (holy cow) and cannot start my days without them now. In the past 2 years, the company has expanded their product line tremendously and it has been SO exciting to see all of their positive growth.


For The Kale of It and Vital Proteins are so excited to give a winner AND their friend a chance to try the collagen peptide proteins for themselves and see just how great this product is! To enter please follow the instructions below:


  1. Like my photo on instagram

  2. Follow @forthekaleofit and @vitalproteins on Instagram

  3. Tag one friend in the comments on the photo and you BOTH will be entered to win a free canister of collagen peptide proteins!


I have heard so many positive benefits from others using Vital Proteins, but I wanted to share some of the personal differences I have seen.


  1. Hair Health - Since I began incorporating Vital Proteins into my daily routine, but hair has been growing like CRAZY. I have also noticed I get a lot more compliments on the overall health which always feels good :)

  2. Skin - I have noticed my skin holds moisture better. I tend to get really dry in the winter, but I have noticed a huge difference in how much lotion I need to use (if any!).

  3. Aches/Pains - I grew up practicing gymnastics/cheerleading so I have a lot more aches and pains then the average 26 year old, especially when I train for a race. Vital proteins is really the only major change I made in my daily routines and I have noticed a huge difference in my recovery from running.


There are so many more benefits to making collagen a part of your daily routine, but the 3 above were some major benefits that make collagen protein peptides SO worth it to me. Now, I am working on my Mom because I just know she will love the benefit to her joints!


I put collagen protein peptides in my coffee each morning, but since I started working with a personal trainer I have also been putting them in my favorite post workout drinks. My workouts have been taken to a whole new level since I started working with a trainer so I have made sure to rehydrate my body properly and give it all the nutrients it needs to bounce back. Since its summertime and watermelon is one my of favorite fruits, I have been making this watermelon mint drink to have after workouts. Watermelon is such an amazing natural source of electrolytes and helps speed up your muscle recovery. This mixed with collagen peptides is a recipe for success!




½ cup fresh watermelon, juiced

½ cup fresh mint

2 scoops collagen peptide proteins





  1. Place your watermelon in a blender or juicer. If using a blender, blend and then run the puree through a small strainer.

  2. Place your fresh watermelon juice in the blender with ice, mint and 2 scoops of the collagen peptide proteins. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve and enjoy!!


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